The Man Behind the Disease

If you haven’t watched the show This Is Us, I highly suggest you jump on the bandwagon. Without giving away too much, one of the characters on the show battles with an alcohol addiction and it’s frequently referenced on the show. In the newest episode, (Spoiler!) the family is in therapy and the therapist keeps […]

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What Now?

This past month has been a crazy one that has tested my patience in many ways.  Mid-October, after showing up late to work countless times or showing up under the influence, my dad lost his job. For obvious reasons, this causes an immense amount of stress on my family. We worry most about my dad’s […]

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It Ends With Us

My mom has always been and always will be my strongest source of support.  Last week, we got matching tattoos to symbolize our unbreakable bond- a bond I will always cherish. The design we have is inspired by our favorite book, It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover.  The main character in the book has […]

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Most of the time, people hear my story and their first reaction is sadness for me. I usually get this reaction from people who have never been directly exposed to addiction. The main question I get is “How do you handle it all?” The answer is very simple. I have the most amazing and wonderful […]

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Tiny Blessings

I’ve always been a sucker for the little things. Small moments that some people may not find important often make my day. There is nothing more special than a hug from my mom; I always appreciate sweet smiles from strangers; My boyfriend teases me about how happy I get when he takes me to the […]

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Today I was on the beach having a conversation with my brother and his girlfriend about my dad and his addiction. We talked about my dads latest relapse (we survived the worst one in years a little over a month ago). My brother said something very interesting: Relapse is part of recovery. This makes perfect […]

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Inner Peace

When I was in college, I took a Social Morality course. It was one of my favorite classes taught by my favorite professor, Tammy. I’m convinced I wouldn’t have loved the class as much if it was taught by anyone else. One evening, Tammy started off class by asking us to raise our hands if […]

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