Tiny Blessings

I’ve always been a sucker for the little things. Small moments that some people may not find important often make my day. There is nothing more special than a hug from my mom; I always appreciate sweet smiles from strangers; My boyfriend teases me about how happy I get when he takes me to the […]

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Today I was on the beach having a conversation with my brother and his girlfriend about my dad and his addiction. We talked about my dads latest relapse (we survived the worst one in years a little over a month ago). My brother said something very interesting: Relapse is part of recovery. This makes perfect […]

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Inner Peace

When I was in college, I took a Social Morality course. It was one of my favorite classes taught by my favorite professor, Tammy. I’m convinced I wouldn’t have loved the class as much if it was taught by anyone else. One evening, Tammy started off class by asking us to raise our hands if […]

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